Broadland Charters

Did you know the Norfolk Broads are man-made?  Way back in the 12th Century, East Norfolk was a busy little place and the large population needed fuel.  Having cleared the land of trees, the timber was running out so they turned to peat instead.  Digging miles of trenches to extract the peat, the foundations of the Broads were inadvertently being laid.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature got the better of the workforce and the rising sea levels eventually flooded the trenches, creating the Norfolk Broads as we know and love them now.

Whilst boating along the Broads was popular for commercial purposes, it was the arrival of the railways that brought tourists to the area and the advent of boating holidays along the Broads.  Still hugely popular today, we’re delighted to have teamed up with local company Broadland Charters  who offer the only luxury, skippered sports cruiser along the Broads – “Without a doubt, the very best way to discover the Norfolk Broads is by boat – unashamedly biased, there really are so many stunning places which are only accessible by river.”  Why not try a luxury Cruiser to slowly meander along and enjoy the peace and beauty the Broads has to offer?  Take a break from hiking and sit back and relax aboard the Broad’s only luxury Cruiser – Broadland Charter’s Norfolk Time is just the ticket.  Even better, guests at Eastern Beach can enjoy a 5% discount on the cost of a day cruise, just quote “Eastern Beach” when you book.

Pop over to their website here or call 07515 904946 for more info.