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Top Cultural Attractions near Great Yarmouth & Caister

Great Yarmouth

The great thing about visiting the Great Yarmouth area is that, while you can enjoy the fun and frivolity of the seaside, you can also immerse yourself in the culture of the local area. Not only is it a traditional seaside town, Great Yarmouth was also an important historic port in the East of England,… Read more »

Caister On-Sea and the History of the Saxon Shore

Visitors to Caister-on-Sea today would probably be surprised to learn of the ancient military history of this peaceful and tranquil seaside town. Whereas modern day Caister is known for sea, sand and (occasionally) sun, ancient Caister was synonymous with its military fortifications. Indeed, the name ‘Caister’ itself is actually derived from the latin term for… Read more »

The History of Caister Castle

  A trip to Caister Castle makes for the perfect family day out in Norfolk and, as well as being great fun, it is also a way to inject a little culture into your time in the area. In spite of its age, parts of the castle remain intact to this day, and visitors are… Read more »

Caister-On-Sea – The Hidden History of a Roman Town

Caister-On-Sea - The Hidden History of a Roman Town

Today Caister-On-Sea is a quiet seaside town, a home for many, and a pleasant holiday retreat for others. Yet the Roman ruins which lie at the edge of town remind us that things weren’t always this way. The Roman ruins of Caister are a visible reminder that this small, English seaside town, was once at… Read more »