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Broadland Charters

Broadland Charters

Did you know the Norfolk Broads are man-made?  Way back in the 12th Century, East Norfolk was a busy little place and the large population needed fuel.  Having cleared the land of trees, the timber was running out so they turned to peat instead.  Digging miles of trenches to extract the peat, the foundations of… Read more »

Birdwatching on the Norfolk Broads

Birdwatching Broads

If you’re a keen bird watcher, there’s no better place to while away the day than along the Norfolk Broads – one of the UK’s most important and popular areas of wildlife. As Winter sets in and with Spring just around the corner, now’s a great time to explore the Broads and all the wildlife… Read more »

Best Walking Routes Near Caister-On-Sea

Caister-On-Sea and its surrounding areas are beautiful, and what better way is there to discover this beauty than on a walk? There are easy, leisurely routes that are under three miles, as well as harder routes over seven miles, which means whether you are looking for a brisk morning walk or a day-long activity, there… Read more »